Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my appointment cost?

If you have health insurance that we accept (please see payments and insurance section under services) , your cost will be dictated by the details of your insurance plan and you will be responsible for any copays, coinsurance, and/or deductibles outlined in your plan. 

If you do not use insurance we expect payment in full at the time of service and provide a time of service discount. With this discount, a new patient visit including the exam and treatment averages $100-160 and follow up visits average $65/visit 

Do you accept my insurance?

Please see the "Payments and Insurance" section under "Services" for a full list of the insurance companies we are in network with. If your insurance company is not listed we may still be able to bill your insurance. Please inquire about specific questions.

Does the clinic offer massage therapy?

The chiropractic treatments often will include some forms of manual therapy which can be similar to massage. At this time we do not have a massage therapist on staff or offer massage therapy sessions.

What kind of adjustments are performed by the doctor?

Based on feedback, Dr. Lowe tends to perform more gentle adjustments that many other providers. Many patients find this less frightening, more relaxing, and more effective for their needs. If you have any other specific questions please contact the office. 

What types of treatments are offered?

We utilize the following modalities and techniques to treat soft tissues:

  • Cupping
  • Massage techniques
  • Heat application
  • Interferential Current
  • Pin and Stretch (also known as Active Release Technique or ART), 
  • Instrument Assisted (commonly referred to as Graston Technique)